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KC Christensen
735 E Green ST
Bensenville, IL 60106

Phone: 630-238-2660
Fax: 847-963-6738

KEC12071 AMF Glen 160 QT Planetary Mixer

KEC12102 Autoprod dula lane 5lb tub filler

KEC121021 Complete macaroni & potato Salad processing and packaging line. Over 60000LBs per hour


Institute of Packaging Professionals

Institute of Packaging Professionals

Meat Equipment

Meat equipment consists of equipment designed for the processing and handling of meat product and includes meat stuffers, ban saws, meat slicers, extractors, emulsifiers, branders, char markers, sausage linkers, patty and nugget formers, topping applicators, and batter breaders.
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Stein  E-24J