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KC Christensen
735 E Green ST
Bensenville, IL 60106

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KEC12071 AMF Glen 160 QT Planetary Mixer

KEC12102 Autoprod dula lane 5lb tub filler

KEC121021 Complete macaroni & potato Salad processing and packaging line. Over 60000LBs per hour


Institute of Packaging Professionals

Institute of Packaging Professionals

Metal Detector

Metal detectors are designed to detect small pieces of metal within a package or container. Metal detectors are a safety check put in place in a processing or packaging line to assure that small pieces of metal do not get inserted into a package where they could harm a customer. Different types of metal detectors are designed to handle different products. The differences in these metal detectors are mostly related to the way incoming product is handled and passed through the metal detecting head. Tablet or capsule metal detectors utilize a chute to handle the fragile tablets and to prevent marring of the tablets. Liquid and powder metal detectors, also call flow through metal detectors use gravity to pass the powder or liquid through the metal detecting head without actually contacting the powder or liquid. Conveyor metal detectors use a conveyor to move products, containers, or packages through the metal detecting head. X-ray detection is a special kind safety check that is used as a substitute for metal detection.
7 items available
Loma  IQ (16 x 5) 
Loma  Superscan 14 
View KEC10336Lock  30CKE 
Lock  30CXE Stainless Steel 
View KC101366Loma  MD 
View KC101361Loma  6000 Series 
View KC100337Advanced Detection  11.5 x 2-3/4 inch Aperature