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KC Christensen
735 E Green ST
Bensenville, IL 60106

Phone: 630-238-2660
Fax: 847-963-6738

KEC12071 AMF Glen 160 QT Planetary Mixer

KEC12102 Autoprod dula lane 5lb tub filler

KEC121021 Complete macaroni & potato Salad processing and packaging line. Over 60000LBs per hour


Institute of Packaging Professionals

Institute of Packaging Professionals

Pasta Equipment

Pasta equipment is used for a wide variety of preformed or shaped food products made from primarily hard durum wheat flours. Pasta is made by mixing durum wheat with water until a dough is formed. Pasta equipment is then used to extrude the pasta and shape it into the desired form. It is then cut at the desired length. A complete line of pasta equipment may also include drying equipment and packaging equipment to finish the pasta product.
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Raque  TU3923